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Learn to build and program 11 robots, and become a young roboticist

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Our Most Popular Programmable Robot Kit

What's inside box

What's Inside

Our robotics kit includes a full set of tools for building real robots, including industry standard components, motors, circuit boards, and frame sets.

Microcontroller Board
On-board Components
Battery box
Peg Boards
Metal frame set
USB downloader
USB cable

Horn Adapters
2 DC motors
Battery box
Various nuts and bolts
Various Standoffs
Nut driver and Screw driver

Get started online

We provide easy tutorials and videos and that walk you through 11 different robots. We cover basic to advanced programming topics. Build one of our 11 pre-designed robots, or build any other programmable robot you want. You can even combine multiple programmable robot kits together to create a mega-robot. Perfect for the classroom or for kids wanting to get creative at home.

Looking for Professional Development?

Are you an educator interested in getting trained on how to use the Rokit Smart in the classroom? You can check out our online educator resources, or contact us to schedule virtual PD in 30-minute increments at $150 per session.

Need something custom or for us to visit you on-site? We can also do that too! Contact us at