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Aerial Drone Competition Field Basics Kit


The kit you'll need to practice the Eclipse challenge this year

IMPORTANT: We are currently out of stock. We expect to restock in May.

This is the official Aerial Drone Competition field basics kit. It includes a collection of arches, keyhole gates, landing pads, cubes, and a blackout curtain, reusable every year in the Aerial Drone Competition. Our CoDrone EDU can be used to participate in the competition—it's one of the only drones approved for the competition.

This field can also be used for your programs classes, afterschool programs, clubs, and summer camps with your own custom challenges, outside of the competition. 

This is the game field kit you'll need to practice for the Mission 2024: Eclipse challenge, which is the 2023-2024 season challenge. This kit only includes the field elements used every year.

PLEASE NOTE: To build a complete field for this year's challenge, you will also need to get the Game Elements kit, which contains elements specific to this year's challenge. For the Eclipse challenge, if you want to practice, you only need one set of a Field Basics Kit + Game Elements Kit. If you want to host, you will need at least two sets.

The entire package weighs around 50 lbs (~23 kg).


  • 1 Red Arch Gate & 1 Extra Red Fabric Arch
  • 1 Blue Arch Gate & 1 Extra Blue Fabric Arch
  • 1 Blackout Screen
  • 1 Yellow Keyhole Gate
  • 1 Green Keyhole Gate
  • 1 Red Landing Pad
  • 1 Blue Landing Pad
  • 1 Red Cube – 12”
  • 1 Blue Cube – 12”
  • 1 Red Cube – 18”
  • 1 Blue Cube – 18”
  • 2 Water Bags

Photos courtesy of REC Foundation