Aerial Drone Competition 2023 Blackout Challenge Game Elements (2023 season ended)


New game elements for 2024 will be announced in September

As of March, 2023, the qualifying events for the 2023 Blackout Challenge have closed and will use new game elements for 2024, announced in September. Next year's challenge hasn't been released yet, but you can purchase this kit in preparation for the 2024 season's challenge. The elements can still be used for your programs classes, afterschool programs, clubs, and summer camps with your own custom challenges, outside of the competition.

Each year the REC Foundation creates a new game challenge for the Aerial Drone Competition with elements needed to play. Check out 2023's Blackout challenge reveal video. The game elements includes various cubes, blackout screens, various ping pong balls. See more in the Game Manual for the full breakdown of the 2023 Blackout challenge. Please note that the Aerial Drone Competition Field Basics Kit is needed to use the Game Elements.


  • 1 12-inch red cube
  • 1 12-inch blue cube
  • 1 18-inch red cube 
  • 1 18-inch blue cube
  • 2 blackout screen
  • 4 water bags
  • 48 red ping pong balls
  • 48 blue ping pong balls
  • 4 large white ping pong balls
  • 1 bag