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Zumitown Mat


This is the very first version of the Zumitown Mat. It includes markers for the various buildings in Zumitown. It includes various business and institution locations, such as restaurants, grocery stores, museums, and a university. It also has several resident locations. It's great for doing various real world-based challenges, such as pizza delivery, a taxi challenge, a school bus route, and others! We will be releasing competition lessons and challenges in the coming months.

NOTE: Mat is shipped separately from our 3rd party supplier, and will arrive on its own within 5-7 business days

  • 15 business/institution locations
  • 13 resident locations
  • Rollable for transportation
  • About 44 3/4 x 92 3/4 inches (same size as the FLL field)
  • Printed on high quality vinyl that's waterproof and easy to clean