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Rokit Smart Featured by Wall Street Journal

Rokit Smart Featured by Wall Street Journal

Rokit Smart Featured by Wall Street Journal

Originally posted Jun 22, 2020

In case you missed it on our social media pages and in our newsletter, Rokit Smart has been named one of the best robot toys for building STEM skills by the Wall Street Journal! Rokit Smart is Robolink’s first robot kit, and we’re joined by major companies like Sphero, Ozobot, and LEGO Mindstorms in this list.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out the ability to program Rokit Smart with Arduino (close to C and C++) and how the robots can be programmed to navigate paths and mazes, but did you know:

  • You can build 11 different robots from one Rokit Smart kit. 11!
  • Robots can also be programmed to move away from light, sense a hand, walk like a bug, shoot rubber bands, and move with the help of a remote control.
  • Not up for programming in Arduino? You can upload pre-made programs to Rokit Smart’s board instead!

One of our favorite parts of Rokit Smart is what comes after all 11 robots are finished. This is when students start to apply everything they learned to create amazing robots with all of the Rokit Smart pieces, and then they program them to move. We’ve seen animals, vehicles, a kitchen robot, and even a swimming robot (it was on top of styrofoam and it worked!).

Robots and AI are already everywhere — today’s kids are already used to a Roomba cleaning up after them or getting show recommendations from Netflix. Learning to build robots helps them understand how they work, and learning to program them gives them the skills to solve problems, think critically, and innovate.

Ready to learn Rokit Smart? We’re offering virtual classes! $199 includes the price of the robot ($120) and one month of lessons. Sign up for virtual classes here and let’s start building! 

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