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Behold Our Latest Drone: CoDrone Mini

Behold Our Latest Drone: CoDrone Mini

Behold Our Latest Drone: CoDrone Mini

Originally posted Jul 20, 2020

It’s been four months since the stay-at-home order in the United States (can you believe?). By now you have probably baked too much bread, named every bug in your neighborhood, and watched everything on Netflix and Disney+. If you need something else to do, we have a new product that can help.

Behold: CoDrone Mini!

CoDrone Mini, a small programmable drone you can code with Python and Blockly

CoDrone Mini is small on size and big on code. It is lightweight, durable, and (most importantly) can flip. It comes with a remote so it can fly straight out of the box, but like all of Robolink’s products, it is made for teaching you how to code. CoDrone Mini can be programmed with Blockly (drag-and-drop coding) and Python (text-based coding) so you can learn about flight directions, programming fundamentals, and how to customize flight paths and your drone’s LED.

The best part: you don’t have to learn CoDrone Mini alone! We are now offering CoDrone Mini 1:1 virtual classes in both Blockly and Python. You will work online with one of our fantastic instructors at your own pace on topics that interest you while learning how to program and fly CoDrone Mini. Classes are once a week, and a CoDrone Mini is included in the cost. Because it’s virtual, you will get to fly from the safety of your own space while talking to someone who doesn’t live with you. Register for classes on our website

Stay safe and we’ll see you online!

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