Aerial Drone Competition Field


These are the official Aerial Drone Competition field elements. They include a collection of arches, keyhole gates, and landing pads. These are the parts that are used every year in the Aerial Drone Competition, so you will be able to reuse them every year. You can get a set for your team and your school to practice. Our CoDrone EDU can be used to participate in the competition—it's one of the only drones approved for the competition.

The field elements can also be used with other drones. They're great for in-classroom use for creating smaller challenges as well.

Check out this year's Blackout challenge reveal video, and the Game Manual for the full breakdown of this year's rules.

The entire package weighs around 50 lbs (~23 kg).


  • 3 Blue Arches Gates
  • 3 Red Arches Gates
  • 2 Green Keyhole Gates
  • 2 Yellow Keyhole Gates
  • 2 Red Landing Pads
  • 2 Blue Landing Pads
  • 12 Arch Stands
  • 6 Tension Wires

Photos courtesy of REC Foundation