CoDrone EDU Carrying Case


Protect your CoDrone EDU while on the move

This case can hold all the contents of a single CoDrone EDU kit. It has foam on the inside to protect your drone, controller, batteries, and included accessories that come in an individual CoDrone EDU kit. There's also a zipper pocket at the top with room for your user guide, color cards, and additional accessories. The front cover includes a space where you can write your team's name, as well.

What the case can carry (not included in your purchase):

  • 1 CoDrone EDU
  • 1 Smart Controller
  • 1 two-battery charger
  • Up to 4 CoDrone EDU batteries
  • All cables, prop remover, extra propellers, and extra screws included with a single kit
  • All booklets, cards, and stickers included in a single kit

Please note: The carrying case does not include a CoDrone EDU kit.

Disclaimer: Prices listed are for United States market. Orders to countries outside of the United States are subject to local economy, shipping, and customs, which may affect pricing.