Keeping track of your robotics journey is a very important yet tedious thing to do . The following information are things that you should consider writing about when you are creating your engineering Journal. (Please note: everyone in your team must create a journal log, even if you all do the same thing, you are all responsible for keeping track of your individual progress! You must always write in the journal log for any day that you are participating/working on the VEX IQ Platform.) Your journal log will be something that you will be presenting to a panel of judges when you take part in VEX IQ.


1. For the top part of your paper always write down the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • The date
  • Your team’s name

2. For the next part, these are the contents that you should write about in your journal! These will help you document your robotics journey. Keep in mind that the more details, the better!

  • What were your goals for today’s class?
  • What goals were accomplished today and how was it accomplished?
  • Were there any goals that you did not accomplish today? If so, why were you unable to accomplish your goals?
  • Give a brief description of what you did today?

3. Pictures are always a plus! It’s okay if you’re not an artist. Just try your best to draw your robot. If you want you can also take pictures of your robot and put those pictures inside of your journal!

  • You should try to get an image of how your robot looks from the 1) front, 2) side, 3) back and 4) top.

4. Complete this section only if your team has a robot that is capable of playing the game,

  • then you should keep track of the amount of points that your team is able to score. Create the following chart and use it to keep track of your progress and feel free to add more cells if needed.


Points scored Comments on how to improve
1 Robots Parked:
Hex Balls in Low Goal:
Hex Balls in High Goal:
Hex Balles in the scoring zone:



2 Robots Parked:
Hex Balls in Low Goal:
Hex Balls in High Goal:
Hex Balles in the scoring zone:



5. Complete this section only if you programmed. 

  • Describe what you programmed, as well as what you programmed your robot to do. Be sure to put comments in your code, and it might be a good idea if the competition is close you should include your code into your engineering journal.

6. Instructor suggested assignment:

  • If your instructor writes something in this location, this is something that the instructor wants you to work on during your independent session, if you are done with your assignment of the day.

(note: these are just ideas that you can use for your notebook, feel free to add things that you feel are necessary in your engineering journal, below is the rubric that your engineering journal will be graded on)

Please click on the following link to see the rubric for the design notebook: