To keep up with user feedback and the evolving ambitions for the CoDrone, constant updates need to be made to the CoDrone software.  Our CoDrone library and boards are hosted in the Arduino Library Manager and Board Manager, making it easy to stay up to date.

CoDrone Maintenance

  1. Open up Arduino, and navigate to

Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries…

Library Manager

2. In the ‘Library Manager’ window that appears, search for ‘CoDrone’ in the search box located at the top right:

Filter Search

3. You should see ‘CoDrone by Robolink’.  [If you do not see the CoDrone library, update your Arduino IDE]

Select the library and click the ‘Update’ button that appears:


Your CoDrone Library is now successfully updated!

1. Open Arduino and navigate to

Tools > Boards > Boards Manager


In the “Type” box, change it from “All” to “Contributed”:

pasted image 0 (2)

4. Find the package “rokit by ROBOLINK”.  Click anywhere in the box and then select the “Update” button:


You’re done! Your Rokit Smart Inventor board files are now up to date.

1. Install the Petrone App from the App Store or Play Store


2.  Turn on your CoDrone.  Open the Petrone App.  Make an account or press ‘SKIP’ on the login page.


3. Select the Console Buttton


4. To connect to a CoDrone, select the pairing button.  Make sure your CoDrone is on before pressing this button.


5. Select your CoDrone from the list


6. After pairing with your CoDrone, reopen the main console and select the clipboard button


7. Select the Update button to update your firmware!


1. While holding the upload button, connect the Bluetooth board to your computer with the upload cable


Hold the upload button while plugging in

2.  The indicator light should be blinking blue



3.  Download the Bluetooth Firmware Updater.  Unzip the contents of the file into a new folder.



4. Double click FirmwareUpdater to run the firmware updater.



5. Click UPDATE to begin.  When the green progress bar completes, your update is finished!