Trim is an important part of any RC transmitter.  Here we’ll discuss what trim is, when you need it, and how to use it.


What is Trim

Adding trim to a drone is an easy way to correct any imbalances in the motors.  You can think of it as just a constant offset value that is added to your normal motor commands.

Let’s look at an example.  Imagine we are trying to fly forward:

  • THROTTLE = 0
  • PITCH = 70
  • ROLL = 0
  • YAW = 0


Sometimes, though, our motors or propellers won’t be in perfect condition.  The CoDrone can stabilize itself, but might still tend to lean towards a weaker motor.  If one of our right motors are weaker, our CoDrone will tend to roll to the right:

Not Straight

This unwanted roll can be balanced out by adding an artificial, opposite roll to our code.  This constant offset is what we call trim:

  • THROTTLE = 0
  • PITCH = 70
  • ROLL = 0 + Roll Decrease
  • YAW = 0

Add Trim

If applied correctly, this trim can offset our motor imbalances and result in a level flight.

After Trim

How to Set Trim


To set trim, simply connect the ‘trim’ block to a ‘when ____ key pressed’ block like shown below.


Now every time the Space key is pressed, the Roll trim will be increased.

Use this method to trim your CoDrone to the proper alignment.