School Enrichment

We can work together to bring after school robotics classes to your school. We currently work with over 15 schools in the San Diego area.


About School Enrichment Classes

Our instructors can come to your school to teach robotics.  We work with local schools to bring Rokit Smart robotics classes to the classroom.  Our tuition includes the Rokit Smart robotics kit rental.  Students or teachers naturally also are able to purchase their own Rokit Smart kits. Classes are hands-on, project-based learning meant to teach foundational principles of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), including writing code, physics, mechanical engineering, among others.  They will learn how to problem-solve and think analytically and creatively.  Students will also learn about the latest trends in robotics.  We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level classes.

If you’d like to bring robotics education to your school, have the school Principal or PTA contact us at

Robolink has previously taught at:

Ashley Falls Elementary School
Ocean Air Elementary School
Sage Canyon Elementary School
Carmel Del Mar Elementary School
Sycamore Ridge School
Painted Rock Elementary School

Torrey Hills School
Miramar Ranch Elementary School
College Prep Middle School
Jerabek Elementary School
McKinley Elementary School
Pacific Beach Middle School

Typical Model and Pricing

Duration: 1 hour per week

Pricing: $145 for 8 weeks – $175 for 10 weeks, kit rental included

For more information about programs or additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Course Description

Rokit Smart

Duration: 22 lessons

Competitions: Sumo Competition and Show and Tell

Rokit Smart is a robotics kit consisting of many mechanical components such as an Arduino-compatible circuit board, DC motors, peg boards, a nut driver and screw driver with real nuts and bolts, and more.  In our course, students will learn the fundamentals of engineering and mechanics by building various robots such as a Crab Robot, a Truck Robot, a Line Follower Robot, among others.  They will become familiar with topics such as how a circuit board works, how IR sensors are used to navigate or avoid obstacles, how motors are used to create motion, and how a Segway balances itself.  More advanced students will begin to learn how to program these robots and start customizing them to behave in their own way.  The course develops students’ mechanical skills, their understanding of physics, coding skills, and challenges them to think creatively and critically.

* Currently only Rokit Smart is offered in our School Enrichment program

Rokit Smart CoDrone VEX IQ
Grade Recommendation  4 – 6 6 – 12  4 – 8
Purchase thru Robolink  (third-party)
Duration 22 sessions 20 sessions 5 – 6 months
GUI (graphical user interface)



(Robot C)
Text-based coding


(Robot C)