Rokit Smart I Syllabus

Lesson 1 Build Mouse Robot

Build a robot that can navigate around its environment

Lesson 2 Introduction to Arduino

Learn the programming environment, programming motors, about the circuit board. Dead reckoning activity.

Lesson 3 Build Sumo Robot

Build a robot that can do edge detection and push objects

Lesson 4 Programming Loops

Learn about infrared sensors, and an introduction to the if-statement.

Lesson 5 Build Crab Robot

Build a robot that uses one motor to move and uses the sensors to determine which way the robot moves.

Lesson 6 Conditional Statements

Learn about analog infrared sensors, and use the if-statement to drive motors

Lesson 7 Build Soccer Robot

Build a soccer robot and learn to use the remote control

Lesson 8 Programming the Remote

Learn about programming the remote and how it moves the robot

Lesson 9 Build Trailer Robot

Build a robot that is able to carry and move loads

Lesson 10 Program Lesson 5

Learn to program the speed of the robot with variable speed settings

Lesson 11 Capstone Project

Draft and design a robot based on a provided template

Lesson 12 Capstone Project

Program the robot that you’ve designed, using everything learned during the quarter