CoDrone EDU School Package (30 drones, extras, game elements, PD)


Meet CoDrone EDU

A Drone Made for Learning

Ages: 12+
Programming languages: Blockly and Python
What you'll learn: Drones, flight, accelerometers, gyroscopes, LEDs, color sensors, obstacle detection, sound, block coding, text-coding

The CoDrone EDU is a programmable drone, meant for learning in the classroom. Code it in Python or start from the basics with block-based coding. Unique to this drone are its color sensors, a front range sensor, a bottom range sensor, among others—all usable in code. With a durable and safe frame, programmable lights, and access to its 7 sensors, it's an excellent learning too and a great way to learn coding and engineering skills.

This our ultimate bundle for a school. It includes 30 drones with additional accessories, game elements for the Aerial Drone Competition, and professional development to make sure you're confident using the kits in the classroom on day 1. We recommend 2 students to 1 drone, with a drone or two set aside for the teacher. This is a great set to purchase for a class of 20 - 30 students.

CoDrone EDU Small Classroom set, with 30 drone kits, 20 additional power packs, 2 frame sets, 2 additional controllers, 2 motor sets, Aerial Drone Competition elements, and professional development.

What's Included:

The entire CoDrone EDU School Package includes:

  • 30 CoDrone EDUs
  • 33 Smart Controllers (includes 2 extras)
  • 120 rechargeable batteries
  • 60 two-battery chargers
  • 30 sets of replacement propellers (each set has 2 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise)
  • 3 sets of replacement motors (2 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise)
  • 3 replacement frame sets
  • 4 hours of virtual professional development
  • 2-year extended warranty

Note: AA batteries not included.

So Which CoDrone Should You Get?

CoDrone comparison chart, comparing the CoDrone EDU, CoDrone Mini, and CoDrone Pro using various features and parameters.

Check out our blog post, for a more detailed comparison of our latest CoDrone EDU to the CoDrone Mini and the CoDrone Pro.

Minimum System Requirements

If you're planning to use Blockly, make sure to check the minimum system requirements.


Student:Device Ratio

We recommend a 2:1 student to device ratio, or a 1:1 ratio for smaller groups under 10 students.


Free Curriculum

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