Have Fun Building Robots and Programming

Robotics & Programming Learning Center offers students from K-12 the foundation of science, engineering, and robotics in a fun setting.

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Small & Intimate

Affordable Pricing

Flexible Scheduling

Customized Products For STEM Education

Our kits are designed by us, specifically for classroom use to teach programming skills. With hands-on learning, students gain in-depth skill with robot building, programming, and computer vision without even realizing it.

Personal Career Guidance

Our one-on-one counseling sessions make sure our students are on track for their college & career goals. We’ll guide them through a customized learning path to get there.  At the same time, kids are having fun and creating portfolio projects for their future.

Learn from Engineering Majors

All our instructors are enthusiastic college students majoring in engineering and computer science, and we make sure instructors all pass our background check. They are passionate about robotics, and are here to have fun too!

Be a Robotics Champion

We’ve lead several robotics teams to win VEX Robotics championships statewide, nationally, and internationally.  We don’t just make sure our students are having fun, we also make sure they are winners.

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Classes once a week ($180/month)

Learn in a more open format and mixed environment, where all students can start at any level. We have rolling admissions, so sign up now to get a response with the next available time!

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    About Learning Center Classes

    These Learning Centers are equipped with classrooms, robotics tools, components, laptops, wi-fi, and competition arenas.  Classes are hands-on, project-based learning, meant to teach foundational principles of STEM, including writing code, physics, mechanical engineering, among others.  They will learn how to problem-solve and think creatively.  Students will also learn about the latest trends in robotics.  We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level classes.

    5677 Oberlin Dr #100 San Diego, CA 92121
    10710 Thormint Rd. Ste 201 San Diego, CA 92127