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Robolink is Currently Teaching “After School Robotics” at the following Locations for Fall 2019

Mondays at Sage Canyon: enroll here

Tuesdays at Sycamore Ridge: enroll here

Wednesdays at Del Mar Hills: enroll here

Thursdays at Del Mar Heights: enroll here

Fridays at Ocean Air Elementary: enroll here

How does it work?

Robolink works with schools in the Greater San Diego area to provide after school programs and allow students to gain access to robotics education they might not have otherwise.

What does Robolink Offer?

Robolink can offer a variety of classes depending on the schools wants and needs. Our classes usually run 8-10 weeks, adjusting to the school’s holidays and minimum days.

How do the logistics work?

We work differently with each school to fit the needs regarding sign-ups, registration, payment, and other administrative matters.

The schools may decide to apply for grants or partially subsidize the classes for the students using their own budget, or programs are brought in where the parents will pay a fee to attend our classes.

Who are you?

If you are a school or district member interested in bringing our programs to your school, please contact us!  You can call us at (858) 876-5123 or email us at info@robolink.com.

If you are a parent, you can let us know what school you attend, and we can try reaching out to the administration, or you can reach out to the school and let them know that you want our program at your school!

Robolink has previously taught at:

Ashley Falls Elementary School

Ocean Air Elementary School

Sage Canyon Elementary School

Carmel Del Mar Elementary School

Sycamore Ridge School

Painted Rock Elementary School

Brilliant Kids Montessori

Torrey Hills School

Miramar Ranch Elementary School

College Prep Middle School

Jerabek Elementary School

McKinley Elementary School

Pacific Beach Middle School

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