CoDrone Lite FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The CoDrone is 133mm by 133mm, which is approximately 5.25 square inches.

CoDrone Lite uses the Snap! drag-and-drop block programming environment. Snap! was developed as an extended re-implementation of the popular project Scratch! and is specifically tailored for children and visual learning strategies.(

Yes and yes.  The CoDrone is a completely module device and currently has a First Person View camera attachment and Drive Kit Wheel attachments.  More addons will be developed in the future.  

No.  The CoDrone was designed exclusively for indoor use.  The CoDrone is extremely light, and will be heavily affected by light breezes.  There are also visual sensors on the CoDrone that may not function properly in bright sunlight.


Yes! The CoDrone was developed specifically as a teaching tool for encouraging students to program.  The east to use graphic interface of Snap! combined with easy to digest lessons and visual feedback make the CoDrone Lite a perfect introduction to programming and robotics.  

Very safe.  The CoDrone comes with easily replaceable and extremely durable propeller guards.  It also weighs less than 40 grams (including the guards), ensuring that the motors and propellers require a minimal amount of power to function and hurt much less when touched.  The CoDrone might sting a bit, but it is perfectly safe for use around children.  

As a programming teaching tool, the CoDrone is virtually limitless.  Beginners can learn the basics of variables, control statements, and automation.  Advanced users can learn feedback control and how to create their own blocks.  Even professionals can tap into the CoDrone’s internal functions and back-end scripts to develop new and exciting  features for the community. 

For large orders of CoDrones, please contact us directly at  Please include the subject line “CoDrone Instructor’s Order”