Planning out how to use the Remote Control

Remote control programs will be stored under the Tele-op menu

First, start by setting up your motors that are used for driving.

Once you set up your motors, go into the part of your code that has task main. Your code should be placed in here, when you are ready to begin programming.

The above picture displays all the different buttons as well as their call outs when you are trying to program them.


In order to customize your VEX IQ remote program, you will need to utilize the above chart. You will also need to use a series of if statements to control all the different components on your robot. Ask your instructor for a sheet of paper and answer the following questions:

  1. What does ChA do?
  2. What does Ch B do?
  3. What does Ch C do?
  4. What does Ch D do?
  5. What does BtnEUp do? BtnEDown?
  6. What does BtnFUp do? BtnFDown?
  7. What does BtnLUp do? BtnLDown?
  8. What does BtnRUp do? BtnRDown?