We're currently still beta-testing the Chrome app. If you're having trouble getting the app or connection working, you can refer to our native app installation steps here for Windows and macOS

Download the Chrome App

First, you’ll need to download the Chrome app for your computer. Please select the appropriate version. For Chromebook, you can just download it straight from the store.  For Windows and macOS, you’ll need to download a file and install it to your Chrome browser.

If you’re a Chromebook user, just follow the on-screen instructions to continue.  If you’re a Windows or macOS user, follow the instructions below.

(Windows and macOS) Install the Chrome App File

Navigate to “chrome://extensions” in Chrome. Then drag-and-drop the .crx file into the browser to install the Chrome app.

GIF for installing

Launch the Chrome app

Navigate to “chrome://apps” in Chrome by typing the address into the address bar, and voila! You’ll see the Snap for CoDrone icon added to your Chrome apps.  You can go ahead and click the icon to launch the Chrome app.

Install Chrome app

You can either get started right away, or make an update to your drone’s firmware, which is the actual program on the drone’s board.  The drone is constantly getting updates to make its performance more stable.  If this is your first time using CoDrone, you should make sure to be up-to-date with the latest firmware.  Just click “Update CoDrone” to update the firmware.

Otherwise, you can skip ahead to Snap.  Next, you can get started with Basics 01: Starting Blocks!