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CoDrone Mini Christmas tree

Decorate our Christmas Tree

Recommended grades 3 – 8

Spend an hour with Leila decorating our Christmas tree using the CoDrone Mini’s LED lights and programming your drone to fly into the tree. Learn about drone movement and how to control lights while making our office more festive!

Zumi pushing a cube with Python code

Soccer Cube Coding with Zumi

Recommended grades 6 – 12

Spend an hour with Jason programming his Zumi robot remotely with Python or Blockly to push a block through a maze and into a goooaaaal! Learn to use drive commands to move a robot many miles away, right from the comfort of your home.

Snake the game with Python

Code a Classic Arcade Game in Python

Recommended grades 3-12

Spend an hour with Jason using the Python coding language to program a classic arcade game (Space Invaders, Snake, Flappy Bird, and many others!) and learning the basics of one of the most popular coding languages today.