Our Cubeworks Mini Kit is the first set in our introductory robotics series

designed to teach you about the basics of robotics hardware.
The robots featured in this kit are fun, easy to build, and is perfect for your 4 or 5-year old who has too much creativity to keep in him or herself!
Our kit contains various blocks, pins, roll pins, and a biaxial motor.
Using these pieces, you can build any of our four different models or even create one of your own!

Our Cubeworks Mini is designed to make your first robot experience an enjoyable one!

“…I like the penguin the most, it’s really cute when it walks.”

-Beom Lee

“…I bought it for my nephew, and we had so much fun building it together. He was OBSESSED with it.”

-Hae Mi Lee

“A lot of fun to build together with a 5-year old!”