Make your own serious, funny, or completely crazy CoDrone commercial.


First place:

CoDrone Kit + First-Person-View Camera

Your own CoDrone with the FPV camera to stream video to your phone and take pictures. Valued at $219.

Second place:

First-Person-View Camera

If you already have a CoDrone, you can stream video to your phone and take pictures. Valued at $40.

Third place:

CoDrone Drive Kit

Attach these wheels to a CoDrone to turn it into a land vehicle. Valued at $40.


Important Dates

Official Start Date
Friday, September 9

Submission Deadline
Thursday, September 29  [2:00 PM]

Finalist Community Voting Period
Friday, September 30 – Thursday, October 6 [2:00 PM]

Winners Announced
Friday, October 7

Contest Rules

  1. No inappropriate material or references
  2. You do not need to own a CoDrone or show a CoDrone in your submission to participate
  3. Submission must be shorter than 1 minute and 30 seconds long
  4. Submission can be as short as you want
  5. Any blatant copying of existing material will be disqualified (parody is fine, just don’t copy something exactly)
  6. Be safe!

Scoring Topics

  1. Entertainment Value  (%50)
  2. Creativity (%30)
  3. Adherence to Competition Topic (%20)

Production value is great, but will not be a major scoring point topic.  We look forward to watching amazing videos from professionals and amateurs alike.

Competition Outline

  • All properly formatted submissions will be posted for viewing on the COM #1 Submission Page.
  • At the end of the submission deadline, the top 5 submissions will be selected by judges and posted on the Robolink Youtube Channel.
  • At the end of the voting period, the videos will be scored based on the amount of ‘likes’ the received.  Any ties will be determined by judges.

This page will be updated at each phase of the competition.  Be sure to check back often!



Record your commercial, upload it to YouTube (public or unlisted).  Then, fill out the contest form linked above.