Aerial Drone Competition 2023 Blackout Challenge Game Elements


This is the official Aerial Drone Competition game elements package.

Each year the REC Foundation creates a new game challenge for the Aerial Drone Competition. This box contains the game elements needed to play the game challenge, which is explained in this year's Blackout challenge reveal video. The game elements includes various cubes, blackout screens, various ping pong balls, among others.

Head over to the Game Manual for the full breakdown of this year's challenge.


  • 1 12-inch red cube
  • 1 12-inch blue cube
  • 1 18-inch red cube 
  • 1 18-inch blue cube
  • 2 blackout screen
  • 4 water bags
  • 48 red ping pong balls
  • 48 blue ping pong balls
  • 4 large white ping pong balls
  • 1 bag