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Cody the CoDrone!

The sticker based on the CoDrone Pro!

Learn to code with a drone. The perfect introduction to real programming.

Drones, coding, Blockly

The CoDrone Pro includes a Bluetooth (BLE) board that allows your computer to communicate with the CoDrone PLUS a buildable remote that allows you to expand into Arduino.

Coding is done using block coding in Blockly.  Text-based coding is done in the Arduino coding environment, or can be done in Python in the CoDrone Lite setup.

Team Jumping

Who is RoboLink

Robolink was established in 2012 in San Diego, California to encourage students to engage with STEM. We make fun and approachable robotics kits that teach coding and engineering in a way that’s exciting to children and teens.  We were the first to make a programmable educational drone as well as a self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence.

With many schools and after-school programs closed throughout the rest of the academic year, parents are finding new ways to engage their children. So we opened up a new Virtual Learning division! From 1-on-1 private lessons to small group lessons, your child can code & fly drones and learn AI technology in a fun and meaningful way. Robolink certified instructors are engineering and coding students from major universities or tech education professionals. Each instructor has to pass a rigorous training program to ensure your student has the best experience!

Holiday Lite image. Seba flies drone.