CoDrone I Syllabus

Lesson 1 An Introduction to CoDrone

Build the remote. What’s yaw, pitch, roll, throttle? Learn about quadcopter aerodynamics. Play and solve challenges.

Lesson 2 Introduction to Arduino

Learn about simple coding syntax, about uploading code, and write your first program: taking off and landing.

Lesson 3 Autonomous Flight

How to program flight in setup, what top down development means, programming flight path shapes, combo paths, and what void setup vs void loop is.

Lesson 4 Variables

Learn about data types, variables, functions, variable scope, and how to do math with code.

Lesson 5 If-statements and Digital IR sensors

Using if-statements and the conditional operators. Learning how if statements are used for infrared sensor read statements, and storing them as variables.

Lesson 6 If, else if, and else

Continue learning about if-statements and additional operators. Use this to write a controller program using IR sensors and program buzzers.

Lesson 7 Analog Read and Controller Flight

What’s the difference between analog and digital? Using analog signals to program joysticks.

Lesson 8 Event Flags

An introduction to event flags. Learn about switches, repeating commands, and creating and switching modes. Learn how event flags are used in autonomous flight.

Lesson 9 Serial Monitor and For-Loops

Learn about .print() and .println(), and about what strings are. Learn about how to use for-loops to fly in circles.

Lesson 10 Timers and While-Loops

What are timers? How is a while-loop different from a for-loop? Learn how to use them to create event-driven maneuvers with while-loops.

Lesson 11 Advanced Autonomous Flight

Learn about what bottom up development means. Learn to use timers with event flags, and solve autonomous flight challenges in groups.

Lesson 12 Quarterly Competition

An overview of the entire quarter, and a final quiz. We close with writing laser battle code and holding a laser battle competition as well as an autonomous flight obstacle course challenge.