CoDrone Changelog

CoDrone Library Update:  1.4.3


  • Additional Battle Functions
    • CrashedCustom(boolean custom);
      • Set to true to enable custom ‘out of hp/crash’ flag
      • If set to true, there will be no death animation for the CoDrone when out of HP
      • Instead, the check CrashedCheck() return at 1 when the CoDrone is out of HP
      • Use this to create your own battle death maneuver “if (CrashedCheck()){ Custom maneuver}
    • boolean CrashedCheck();
      • Returns True if the CoDrone is out of HP
      • Returns False if the CoDrone still has HP
      • Must set CrashedCustom(true) before using CrashedCheck();
    • BattleHitPoints(int points);
      • Sets max hit points to “points”
      • range from 1-8
      • default is 8 hit points
  • Updated some timing functions to address the CoDrone disconnecting issue
    • Added CheckTime1(), CheckTime2()
      • CheckTime1() is now a dedicated time check function for battle functions
      • CheckTime2() is now a dedicated time check function for LED functions
      • CheckTime() is now a dedicated time check function for Control function
    • Changed SEND_CHECK_TIME to 10 (was 3)
    • Set BATTLE_CHECK_TIME to 100
    • Set LED_CHECK_TIME to 60
  • Updated Trim range descriptions
    • The range for valid trim values is now properly represented as -500 to 500  (used to say -100 to 100).
  • Updated Examples
    • Examples have been updated to match new functions


CoDrone Library Update:  1.4.2


  • A Large CoDrone library update has been released.  Please update your CoDrone Library (how to update the CoDrone library.)
    • Please Note:  There has been a file name change.  Existing CoDrone users will have to delete their existing EEPROM.h and EEPROM.cpp files.
    • Instructions on how to do this are located in the troubleshooting (
      • Follow the instructions for “…/EEPROMs.cpp:41: multiple definition of EEPROMClass::read(int)”
  • CoDrone 1.4.2  changes since 1.3.0
    • Renamed EEPROM.h to EEPROMs.h for compatibility with SmartInventor Library
    • CoDrone.Control() blank input now defaults to CoDrone.Control(SEND_INTERVAL)
    • Send_Control() will now immediately send control values
    • Battle health bar now shows Hit Points by on-board LED Lights when damaged
    • Gryoscope Code revised
      • Lesson for Gyroscope coming soon
    • Flow Sensor Code revised
      • Lesson for Flow Sensor coming soon
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Bluetooth disconnect issue resolved



Mission 3: Roulette and the CoDrone Roadmap have been added




Mission 7: Battle! has been added




Lesson 9 has been added and Mission descriptions have been updated



Lesson 8 has been added and Mission descriptions have been updated




Lesson 7 has been added


  • Lesson 7: LEDs
  • Next planned lesson 8: Buzzers and Modes



The Support Section has been updated


  • Updated Pages  *Will be constantly updated as more questions arise



A Support section has been added (In Progress)


  • Planned Pages
    • Troubleshooting (In Progress)
    • FAQ (Expected soon)
    • CoDrone Roadmap (Expected soon)



The CoDrone library has been updated to v1.3.0.


Update your CoDrone Software. Please note the latest changes

  • The CoDrone library is now CodeBlender compatible



A Trim code and instructions has be added




Restore the Default Flight Program page and CoDrone Galleries have been added




Minor fix to Lesson 6: Flags


  • Added a controller if-statement condition
  •  if ( PAIRED == true) {   Changed to if ( PAIRED == true && FLAG = 0) { ;
  • Maneuvers should perform consistently now



CoDrone Coding Lessons have been updated


  • Lessons have been restructured:
    • Lesson 0: Setup
    • Lesson 1: Pairing
    • Lesson 2: Take Off
    • Lesson 3: Triggers
    • Lesson 4: Controller Flight
    • Lesson 5: Timer Maneuvers
    • Lesson 6: Flags
    • Lesson 7: LEDs and Buzzers
  • Lessons are now more detailed and provide more sample code
  • Lessons will be added weekly based on community feedback
  • Upcoming lessons include
    • LEDs and Buzzars
    • For-loops and Circle Manuevers
    • Switch Case and Modes
    • And much more!



A ‘Maintaining your CoDrone‘ page has been added to the Documentation section


  • Tips include:
    • Battery Care
    • Propeller Care
    • Motor Care
    • Base Care
    • Controller Care



The Rokit Smart Inventor board files have been updated to v1.0.1.


Update your CoDrone Software. Please note the latest changes:

  • Compiler warning messages have been eliminated*
    • Board.txt now defines the default board architecture
    • *Bootloader message will be eliminated on the next patch



CoDrone Lessons have been updated


  • Lessons now coincide with updated CoDrone Library
    • Removed ‘STATE’ commands
    • Removed ‘Reset Heading’ commands
  • PDF Format has been changed to embedded syntax
    • Code is now embedded using Crayon Syntax Highlighter
  • “Lesson 5: Reset Heading” has been removed



 A Documentation section has been added


  • Functions Guide
  • Bluetooth LE
  • SmartInventor Board Pin-Out



The ‘Using the Arduino IDE‘ page has been updated


  • The page now includes non-video instructions highlighting the important Arduino IDE functions relevant to CoDrone.



CoDrone Library Update v1.2


  • Battle() functions have been added.
    • BattleReceive()
    • BattleDamageProcess()
    • BattleShooting()
    • BattleBegin(byte teamSelect)
      • For help on battle mode, refer to the updated battle example
      • File > Examples > CoDrone > Control > Controller_Flight_Battle
  • Examples have been updated
    • Trim examples added (3)
      • Example code has been included to give 3 different trim methods:
      • File > Examples > CoDrone > Trim > Controller_Flight_trim
        • Will allow you to trim using your controller.  Recommended method
      • File > Examples > CoDrone > Trim > SerialTrimSet
        • Will allow you to trim using the Serial Monitor
      • File > Examples > CoDrone > Trim > Trim_All
        • Will allow you to trim using direct code values
      • Documentation is included within the examples
    • Battle example added
      • File > Examples > CoDrone > Control > Controller_Flight_Battle




  • The CoDRone library is now hosted on the Arduino Library Manager
  • No code changes to the library were made.



CoDrone Library Update v1.1


  • Neardby changed to Nearby (Spelling correction) for all CoDrone.AutoConnect() functions
  • Example sketches now commented in English
  • Code It Lessons have been updated to match the new library