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Welcome, CoDrone Mini student!

Let's set up your CoDrone Mini and prepare for takeoff:


☑ Install latest Python release (or v3.7 and above) 

Make sure you're using administrator credentials, if you usually use a guest or more restricted account. This is especially important for students using a school computer. You may need to modify security setting to install as an administrator.



Download PythonNEXT

☑ Install PyCharm Edu

We're going to install PyCharm Edu, which is what we'll use for coding CoDrone Mini. PyCharm is what many actual Python programmers use!



Download Pycharm EduNEXT

☑ Set up PyCharm Edu for CoDrone Mini

Now let's get your environment set up so we can do a quick test run.




☑ Run the test program

Plug in your controller to your device and turn on your CoDrone Mini. 

Remote and CDM set up

Okay! We're going to run some simple take off and land test code. Make sure you've got some space, and that there's nothing fragile nearby! Here's some code to just copy and paste into your file to run.

import CoDrone_mini

drone = CoDrone_mini.CoDrone()


How did it go? You can let us know if you had trouble at the bottom of the page, and we'll help you out.


If the last step didn't work and your drone didn't take off, your computer might need the driver in order for PyCharm to talk to your CoDrone Mini remote. You can download the driver here:

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