Installing Wing Software

To use CoDrone Wing, you need to install Arduino and download the CoDrone Wing Test Sketch.


A. Install Arduino

  1. Download and install the latest Arduino Integrated Development Environment or (IDE).
    • You can download the IDE from the Arduino Website
    • Select and download the appropriate package for your operating system:

OS Pick 1

2. Open and run the downloaded installer


I Agree 1

3.  Select all components:

Select 14. Select ‘Install’ to begin the installation to the default directory:


5. Arduino should begin installing!  When it’s finished, just hit close and you should see the Arduino Icon appear on your desktop:

Finished Icon 1


B. Download Wing Test Sketch

Download the Wing Test program here (CoDroneWingTest.ino).

Unzip the file and open it in Arduino to program the Wing.


User Edit Area

The Wing is still in development, so all back-end code has yet to be added to a library and is thus included in the Test Sketch.

Be careful to only edit code in the user input area (scroll down until you find void loop()).


All of your code will go between the User Program comments.